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Are your bath products safe for sensitive skin?

Absolutely! Myself & most of my testers have sensitive skin or allergies. Any products that fail my skin test are NOT released for sale. 

Will your bath bombs stain my tub?

Nope! All batches are tested prior to sale. We use water soluble dye that will not discolor you or your tub. These may temporarily stain your hands if you directly handle the bath bombs while they dissolve in water.

NOTE: Bath products are tested in a clean ceramic tub as well as soak tested in a plastic tub prone to staining. If any colorant residue is left behind, this is because it has clung to existing oils or soap scum. For best results, use in a freshly cleaned tub & always rinse your tub/yourself after use. Do not use in a tub with a damaged finish. If your tubs damage is finished it will be likely to also stain.

IMPORTANT: A Bird and A Bear is not responsible to damages done to bath tubs outside of the home such as hotels. Many hotels use a wax coating on their tubs that DOES stain regardless of any safe guards, & you WILL be charged a clean up fee if this happens. This fee is the users responsibility! FOR IN HOME USE ONLY!

Can these products give me a yeast infection?

Everyone's body is different, however there are no actual links between bath products and yeast infections. There ARE links between frequent hot baths and yeast infections, as yeast breeds in warm, moist environments. If you regularly take baths and have never had an issue, these products should not cause any issues. However, if you’re using bath bombs, bubble bars or anything else in the bath that causes any kind of irritation, you should stop immediately and talk to your doctor. Like everything in life, moderation is key. If your bath time ritual is causing irritation or itchiness, take some time to give your vagina a break from the tub. All kinds of things, even some of the foods we eat, can throw off our body’s pH balance, which can make your vagina unhappy and irritated. If you have any allergies, always read the ingredient list first.


What type of wax do you use?

Our melts are made using a soy wax. We want to provide a more natural and clean product for you.

What's the best way to clean my warmers plate?

We prefer to use a cotton ball/pad to clean out wax. Place 3-4 cotton balls in the melted wax & allow the wax to absorb. You can toss the cotton balls into the trash & use another cotton ball to wipe up any remaining wax or glitter left behind. Tip! You can save your wax covered cotton balls to use as fire-starters for your fireplace or camp fires! Plate becoming discolored? Try a Magic Eraser to get a like-new cleaning after the plate is cooled off completely. Or welt your wax in a silicone cupcake liner for easy clean up!


Do you do bulk or wholesale pricing?  Do you do custom orders?

Visit our Bulk & Wholesale page for more information. I may consider certain items depending on volume of orders I need to fulfill at that time. 

Will you send me items to review on my social media, or donate items for charity?

Not at this time.

We have done items or baskets for charity events in the past. You can reach out to us. But depending on the time and workload we may have to turn down requests.

What is Shop Pay Installments?

Shop Pay Installments is a free services that allow you to make an order and make payments instead of paying the entire balance up front. You still get your products from us within the stated turn around time. Your total is split in 4 bi-weekly payments. This is a fee/interest free service as long as payments are made on time. Please refer to their websites for more information. Shop Pay Help Please Note - These services are based on approval. Any Afterpay or Affirm questions or issues will need to be directed to them! 

Why are shipping costs so high?

Shopify auto-generates a number based on where the items will ship and the weight of the items in your cart. The more items you have, the higher the shipping costs. I am always available to look up detailed shipping and make you a custom order where accurate shipping cost are reflected. Please be assured that I will always refund any shipping overages

IMPORTANT - During summer months, it is your responsibility to prepare for your shipment, including having someone available to retrieve your package immediately so it doesn't sit outside in the elements. Leaving packages outside WILL cause negative reactions to most products, including but not limited to melting of products, pre-activation of bath bombs, effects to consistency of liquids, etc... It is also not advised to leave your products or packages inside of a vehicle for any extended period of time. A Bird and A Bear is not responsible for damages or losses after delivery.

Where is the best place to get up to date information on A Bird and A Bear?

Our best recommendation - sign up for our email list for restock updates, exclusive flash sales, & more! Follow our social media for behind the scenes looks and updates.